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Summary of Nguyen Tien Son's activities


Research activities concern characterization of wide bandgap semiconductors, such as SiC, III-nitrides, Ga2O3 and ZnO, with focusing on fundamental properties, point defects and doping. The study on dopants and doping aims at obtaining high n- and p-type conductivities, whereas investigation of deep level defects (impurities and native defects) focuses on identification of defects that work as (i) dominant recombination centers to be used for carrier lifetime control, or (ii) dominant carrier compensation centers that can be used for achieving thermally stable high-purity semi-insulating materials. One of the main activities is related to defect spins in SiC and III-nitrides for applications in quantum technology. The main tools for defect characterization are magnetic resonance, such as electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and optical detection of magnetic resonance (ODMR), in combination with other characterization techniques, such as photoluminescence (PL) and deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS), and theoretical modelling.

Selected publications

  • Divacancy in 4H-SiC
    N.T. Son, P. Carlsson, J. ul Hassan, E. Janzén, T. Umeda, J. Isoya, A. Gali, M. Bockstedte, N. Morishita, T. Ohshima, and H. Itoh
    Physical Review Letters 96, 055501 (2006)
  • Defects and carrier compensation in semi-insulating 4H-SiC substrates
    N.T. Son
    , P. Carlsson, J. ul Hassan, B. Magnusson, and E. Janzén
    Physical Review B 75, 155204 (2007)
  • Negative-U System of Carbon Vacancy in 4H-SiC
    N.T. Son
    , X.T. Trinh, L. S. Lřvlie, B.G. Svensson, K. Kawahara, J. Suda, T. Kimoto, T. Umeda, J. Isoya, T. Makino, T. Ohshima, and E. Janzén
    Physical Review Letters 109, 187603 (2012)
  • Stable and metastable Si negative-U centers in AlGaN and AlN
    X.T. Trinh, D. Nilsson, I.G. Ivanov, E. Janzén, A. Kakanakova-Georgieva, and N.T. Son
    Applied Physics Letters 105, 162106 (2014)
  • Isolated electron spins in silicon carbide with millisecond coherence times
    D.J. Christle, A.L. Falk, P. Andrich, P.V. Klimov, J.U. Hassan, N.T.  Son, E. Janzén, T.  Ohshima, and D.D. Awschalom
    Nature Materials 14, 160 (2015)
  • Coherent control of single spins in silicon carbide at room temperature
    M. Widmann, S.-Y Lee, T. Rendler, N.T. Son, H. Fedder, S. Paik, L.-P. Yang, N. Zhao, S. Yang, I. Booker, A. Denisenko, M. Jamali, S.A. Momenzadeh, I. Gerhardt, T. Ohshima, A. Gali, E. Janzén, and J. Wrachtrup
    Nature Materials 14, 164 (2015)

Complete list of peer-reviewed articles at researcherID.com (ISI).

Current supervision of students

Current projects and funding

  • Carl-Tryggers Stiftelse: Utrustning för mätning av ljusemissionen frĺn enda defekter i halvledarmaterial, principal investigator, 2016-2017.
  • Swedish Research Council (VR): Silicon carbide for quantum spintronics, principal investigator, 2017-2020.


Current teaching

Undergraduate Courses
  • TFFM08 Experimental physics (6 ECTS), course responsible

PhD Courses

  • Magnetic resonance characterization, course responsible

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