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Summary of Milan Yazdanfar's activities


My research is focused on CVD growth of epitaxial layers of silicon carbide (SiC) for electronic applications. In my research I develop chloride-based CVD processes for SiC, mainly by studying various precursors. I also study the effect of process parameters on thick epitaxial layers (100-200 µm).

Selected publications & conference contributions

  • Process stability and morphology optimization of very thick 4H-SiC epitaxial layers grown by chloride-based CVD
    M. Yazdanfar, P. Stenberg, I.D. Booker, I.G. Ivanov, O. Kordina, H. Pedersen, and E. Janzén
    Journal of Crystal Growth 380, 55 (2013)

  • Reduction of structural defects in thick 4H-SiC epitaxial layers grown on 4°off-axis substrates
    M. Yazdanfar, I.G. Ivanov, H. Pedersen, O. Kordina, and E. Janzén
    Journal of Applied Physics 113, 223502 (2013)
  • On the use of Methane as Carbon Precursor in Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Carbide 
    M.Yazdanfar, H. Pedersen, P. Sukkaew, Ö. Danielsson, O. Kordina, and E. Janzén
    Journal of Crystal Growth 390, 24 (2014)
  • Carrot defect control in chloride-based CVD through optimized ramp up conditions
    M. Yazdanfar, S. Leone, H. Pedersen, O. Kordina, A. Henry, and E. Janzén
    Material Science Fourum 717-720, 109 (2012)
Milan Yazdanfar

PhD student


E-mail: milya@ifm.liu.se
Phone: +46 (0)13 28 26 59

Room P321 (Physics Building)

Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Linköping University
Linköping, Sweden


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