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Summary of Ivan Ivanov's activities


My research activities are in the field of optical characterization of solid-state materials, including silicon carbide, III-nitrides, zinc oxide, and graphene. We use photoluminescence, photoluminescence excitation, and Raman spectroscopies, as well as FTIR spectroscopy. Recent activities concerning silicon carbide involve optical studies of properties of various transition metals incorporated in SiC (such as V, Mo, Ti, Nb), as well as optical characterization of isotope-pure 28Si12C. III-nitride heterostructures are routinely grown and characterized by low-temperature photoluminescence. Home-made micro-Raman setup is used for Raman mapping of graphene. Raman can be performed simultaneously with reflectance mapping allowing precise determination of the number of graphene layers, as illustrated in the Figure.
Reflectance map of hydrogen-intercalated graphene on SiC, illustrating the direct relation between the observed reflectance and the number of graphene layers. Different colours correspond to different number of layers, as denoted in the graph.

Selected publications

  • Layer-number determination in graphene on SiC by reflectance mapping
    I. G. Ivanov, J. Hassan, T. Iakimov, A.A. Zakharov, R. Yakimova, E. Janzén,
    Carbon (2014), DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.carbon.2014.05.054
  • Resonant ionization of shallow donors in electric field
    I. G. Ivanov, E. Janzén
    Physica Scripta 89, 085802 (2014)

Complete list of peer-reviewed articles at researcherID.com (ISI).

Ivan G. Ivanov
Associate Professor (Docent)

Senior Lecturer


Phone: +46 (0)13 28 25 32

Room P320 (Physics Building)

Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Linköping University
Linköping, Sweden


ResearcherID: H-9714-2013


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