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Research Area - SiC

On-axis Epitaxial Growth

SiC exists in many different polytypes and to maintain the polytype stability during epitaxial growth, off-cut substrates are required to utilize step-flow growth. The major disadvantage of growth on off-cut substrates is the replication of basal plane dislocations from the substrate into the epilayer. These are known to be the main source of degradation of bipolar devices during forward current injection. The bipolar degradation is caused by expanding stacking faults which increases the resistance and leads to fatal damage to the device. Structural defects replicated from the substrate are also important for the formation of defects in the epitaxial layer. In this thesis we have developed an epitaxial growth process to reduce the basal plane dislocations and the bipolar degradation. We have further studied the properties of the epitaxial layer with a focus on morphological defects and structural defects in the epitaxial layer.

(Text from Ph.D. dissertation Jawad ul-Hassan)

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