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Research Area - SiC

Cubic (3C) SiC

We have developed a method which applies lower growth temperature than other sublimation based methods. The Fast Sublimation Growth Process (FSGP) was originally developed to enable growth of high quality epitaxial layers for production of semiconductor devices [1].

In a modified method, semiconductor qualitative 3C-SiC can be formed directly on an untreated 6H-SiC substrate surface to produce thick layers or even free standing substrates. Cubic silicon carbide is a perfect material to explore a highly efficient solar cell. As an alternative to multijunction solar cell concept, the intermediate bandgap solar cell contains a base made of a semiconductor with a metal-like intermediate band. The solar cell has an expected efficiency up to 48-60%.

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[1] M. Syväjärvi and R. Yakimova: “ Sublimation epitaxial growth of hexagonal and cubic SiC”, Elsevier, chapter in encyclopedia - the Comprehensive Semiconductor Science & Technology (SEST), Pallab Bhattacharya, Roberto Fornari and Hiroshi Kamimura (Eds), ISBN 978-0-444-53144-5 (2011).

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