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Research Area - Nitrides

AlN and high-Al-content AlGaN alloys

(Assoc. Prof. Anelia Kakanakova, PhD Student Daniel Nilsson, and Prof. Erik Janzén)


The exploration of the physical properties of the emerging wide-band-gap (~ 6.2 eV) semiconductor AlN and in conjunction with the performance of deep-UV (λ < 280 nm) light-emitting epitaxial heterostructures requires the achievement of high-crystalline quality layers with low density of dislocations and concentration of point defects. For that, high-temperature (> 1200°C) epitaxial growth is anticipated considering the strong Al-N bond (2.88 eV) and the need for adequate surface diffusion. Our research is based on the implementation of the hot-wall MOCVD conveniently configured for high-temperature operation, thereby aiming at performances significantly exceeding those of today’s AlN MOCVD technologies, and with prospects for expanded range of possible applications of AlN through its scalability.

Selected publications

  • Hot-Wall MOCVD for Highly Efficient and Uniform Growth of AlN

A. Kakanakova-Georgieva, R. R. Ciechonski, U. Forsberg, A. Lundskog, and E. Janzén,

Crystal Growth and Design 9, pp. 880-884 (2009)

  • Mg-doped Al0.85Ga0.15N layers grown by hot-wall MOCVD with low resistivity at room temperature

 A. Kakanakova-Georgieva, D. Nilsson, M. Stattin, U. Forsberg, Ĺ. Haglund, A. Larsson, and E.Janzén,

Physica Status Solidi – Rapid Research Letters 4, pp. 311–313 (2010)

  • Invited presentation at The 9th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors   (ICNS 2011), July 10-15, 2011, Glasgow, UK

D. Nilsson, A. Kakanakova-Georgieva, Jr-Tai Chen, U. Forsberg, and E. Janzén, 

Towards high-temperature homoepitaxial growth of AlN using Hot-Wall MOCVD

  • Paper Nominated for IWN2012 Best Paper Award, International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors 2012, October 14-19, 2012, Sapporo, Japan

N.T. Son, X.T. Trinh, P. Malinovskis, I.G. Ivanov, D. Nilsson, U. Forsberg, A. Kakanakova-Georgieva, and E. Janzén,

Shallow donor and DX behaviors of Si in Si-doped AlxGa1-xN (x > 0.70)


We gratefully acknowledge the support for this research via several grants financed by:

  • The Swedish Research Council, VR (Anelia Kakanakova)
  • The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, KAWS (AlGaInN hot-wall MOCVD system, Erik Janzén), (Contactless Mobility Measurement System, Anelia Kakanakova)
  • The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF (Erik Janzén)
  • The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, VINNOVA (VINNMER Fellowship, Anelia Kakanakova)
  • Linköping Linnaeus Initiative on Novel Functionalized Materials (VR)

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