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Research Area - Graphene

Graphene is today one of the most dynamic research topics, and its discovery was rewarded the Nobel Price in Physics 2010. Graphene consist of a single monolayer of Carbon-atoms excellent electrical and mechanical properties.

It has potential applications in newly designed electronic devices with high charge mobility and ideal structural properties (lightness and flexibility). From the theoretical point of view, its specific structure represents an ideal background for testing and predicting novel electronic and structural effects which are not present in conventional materials.

IFM and the Semiconductor Materials group has a strong research activity on Graphene, based on our previous knowledge and experience in semiconductor surfaces and growth of silicon carbide. There are today three different but interacting activities on Graphene. These are

  • Functionalization and Characterization of Graphene
  • Growth of Graphene on SiC using the High Temperature Graphene Process
  • Growth of Graphene on SiC using CVD

Functionalization and Characterization of Graphene

(Assoc. Prof Chariya Virojanadara and Prof.  Emeritus Leif Johansson)

Read more about Investigations of graphene and its interactions with foreign atoms and molecules here.

Growth of Graphene on SiC using the High Temperature Graphene Process.

( Prof. Rositza Yakimova, Asst. Prof. Mikael Syväjärvi)

Graphene layers are favourably fabricated on SiC wafers and crystals by sublimation of Si and C bearing species from the surface to leave a reconstructed Graphene layer of carbon atoms.

We have developed a novel process, High Temperature Graphene Process, to fabricate the layers and shown in collaboration with Chalmers, Gothenburg that this graphene allows a high precision of quantum mechanical effects, which otherwise are only obtained in established semiconductors like silicon and gallium arsenide – technologically mature materials due to their applications in electronics and high speed electronics.

Read more about the method on www.liu.se/senmat

Electronic and structural properties of graphene and two dimensional materials towards THz technologies

(Assoc. Prof. Vanya Darakchieva)

Click for more information.

Growth of Graphene on SiC using CVD

( Prof. Erik Janzen, Dr. Jawad ul-Hassan)

An alternative technique is to produce graphene layers on a SiC wafer using conventional SiC chemical vapor deposition (CVD). This activity is part of a european project, Epigraph, together with partners in Poland, Germany, France.

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