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Docent lecture 03 June 2014 by Olle Kordina


The world's energy consumption is continuing to increase and if we want to compensate the increase by installing renewable energy sources we must install about 1000 TWh of renewable energy every year which is more than the total installed capacity of renewable sources today (800 TWh). It is thus clear that emissions of global warming gases will continue to increase unless we can save energy at the same time. This lecture will demonstrate how the wide bandgap semiconductors, SiC and GaN, can realize enormous energy savings in almost all major energy demanding sectors. Recent development on isotope enriched SiC can further improve the situation thanks to its potential to dissipate heat much more effectively compared to natural SiC. The growth of isotope enriched materials has proven challenging as new processes using unconventional chemistries had to be developed which has led to a completely new insight in how the epitaxial process for SiC works.

Olle Kordina lecturing.
Interested audience.
Convinced committee.

Photo: Rickard Liljedahl

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