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Group History

The Semiconductor Material group originates from the former Material Physics group. This was one of the original group at IFM (Department of Physics and Measurement Technology) when the university was established in 196?.

Group leaders has since then been 

  • Stig Hagström 1969 - 1977
  • Sven-Erik Karlsson 1978 - 1983
  • Bo Monemar 1984 - 2008

With time the Material Physics has grown drastically and has been separated into several new and succesful research groups. These includes

When Prof. Bo Monemar retired 2008, Prof Erik Janzen was appointed head of the group and in the same time the group name was changed to Semiconductor Materials to better describe the present research activity within the group. 

  • Erik Janzen 2009 -

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Last updated: 10/17/12