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The interest for using SiC defects for spintronics applications is rapidly growing whereas the SiC materials knowledge among the spintronics researchers is still limited. SiC has material properties that make it attractive for high power, high voltage and high frequency applications. Due to these applications the SiC material quality, defect control and wafer size have increased dramatically during the last few years. To advance the SiC Spintronics field we feel that there is a need for improved collaboration between SiC materials and spintronics researchers. We will therefore organize a symposium on SiC Spintronics and invite essential people who can contribute to growing the SiC Spintronics research field.

The purpose of the Symposium is to:

  • increase the interaction between materials and spintronics researchers
  • avoid overheated competition by having open discussions and sharing topics
  • increase the awareness of what is possible to do

Instructions for Abstract and Presentation

We would like to encourage you to bring any topics related or will be related to the SiC spintronics, and the program will be prepared based on the submitted abstracts. Every submitted abstract will be considered for the oral presentation (20+10 minutes) and there is no limit on the length but 200-300 words are recommended. A small number of panels for posters will also be prepared to encourage discussions around the coffee table, so please let us know if you want bring your posters too. Please submit an abstract also for the poster presentation if it will be different from the oral presentation.


The Symposium will be held at Klosterhotellet in Vadstena. Vadstena is a beautiful, medieval town at the large lake Vättern about 50 km from Linköping.

Photo courtesy of Ann-Mari Brengdahl

Travel information

There are three daily flights between Linköping and Amsterdam and two between Linköping and Copenhagen. There are also good train connections between Linköping and Stockholm and Copenhagen, respectively. We will organize the transport between the airport and Vadstena Klosterhotell both on June 14 and on June 17.

Registration fee

A sponsored fee of 250 € (+VAT) covers accommodation (3 nights), all food and coffee breaks during the symposium as well as local transportation.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Jörg Wrachtrup, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Prof. Erik Janzén, Linköping University, Sweden


Important Dates

Abstract submission
until May 31, 2015
by mail to Sang-Yun Lee

until March 16, 2015
by mail to Erik Janzén

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Last updated: 05/25/15