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Nanostructured Materials in Media

Researchers inspires high school students

It was crowded when high school students came to LiU to be inspired by lectures on research. One of the lecturers was prof. Magnus Odén from Nanostructured Materials.
Read the full story here (in Swedish).

Naureen Ghafoor becomes VINNMER-fellow

Assistant professor Naureen Ghafoor was awarded a three-year research grant for excellent research. She will use the funding for collaboration with research groups in Saarbruecken and Cambridge.
Read the full story here (in Swedish).

Research at Linköping University

Interview with Ph.D. student Mohamed Ballem regarding his research about mesoporous silica and their use as templates for casting nanoparticles.

Read the interview here.

Information video to attract foreign students

A short video showing the research prospects for international masters students  at Linköping University. The university has  received the highest mark of all educational institutions in the international-student-baromete (ISB) for its laboratories.

Vidga Världen

Ph.D. student Emma Johansson explains her research regarding mesopourous silica in a seminar with the title: "Att tillverka yta - stora ytor i små volymer och dess användningsområden". The seminar was recorded and broadcasted at Kunskapskanalen.

Watch the seminar here.

Dagens Industri

An article regarding material science and mining research from Dagens Industri

Östgöta Correspondenten 9/6-09

Interview with Prof. Magnus Odén regarding a new research project.

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