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News 2014

New licentiate

On December 17, Robert Pileman successfully defended his licentiate thesis “TiAlN-based Coatings at High Pressures and Temperatures”. Opponent was Dr. Mats Johansson Jöesaar, Seco Tools.

Congratulations Dr Rikard Forsén!

30 October, Rikard Forsén successfully defended his thesis entitled: Multicomponent alloying for improved hard coatings. Opponent: was Jochen Schneider, RWTH Aachen

CeNano grant to Nanostructured Materials

Dr. Naureen Ghafoor and Dr. Ferenc Tasnádi received a grant from CeNano to support the project Interface coherency studies in c-Ti1-xCrxN/h-AlN and c-Ti1-xZrxN/h-AlN (x=0-1) multilayers.

Dr. Niklas Norrby

11 June, Niklas Norrby successfully defended his thesis entitled: Microstructural evolution of TiAlN hard coatings at elevated pressures and temperatures. Opponent was Jean-François Pierson, University of Lorraine. Congratulations!

New Licentiate in Nanostructured Materials

On June 4:th, Kumar Yalamanchili successfully defended his licentiate thesis entitled: ZrN based Nanostructured Coatings, Structure-Property Relation.

Ana Chaar granted a Roberto Rocca fellowship

PhD student Ana Chaar received a 2-year fellowship by the Roberto Rocca Education Program for her studies at Linköping and Saarland University.

Emma Björk receives grant from the Swedish King

Dr. Emma Björk has been awarded a grant of 100 000 SEK from Stiftelsen Konung Carl XVI Gustafs 50-årsfond. Read more here.

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