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Nanostructured Materials

News 2012

New Ph.D. in Nanostructured Materials

November 16, Axel Knutsson successfully defendet his thesis "Thermal stability and mechanical properties of TiAlN-based monolithic and multilayer coatings". Opponent was Prof. Grégory Abadias from Université de Poitiers and the faculty committée consisted of Dr. Markus Rodmar, Sandvik Coromant, Prof. Mats Halvardsson, Chalmers, and Prof. Staffan Jacobson, Uppsala University.

Thesis nailing

26 October, Axel Knutsson nailed his thesis in the C-building. The defence will be 16 November at 10:15 in Planck.

New Lector in Nanostructured Materials

Dr. Naureen Ghafoor is now lector in Nanostructured Materials

New Master of Science in Nanostructured Materials

August 28, Syed Muhammad Bilal successfully defended his master’s thesis “Thermal stability of arc evaporated ZrCrAlN coatings”.

New licentiate in Nanostructured Materials

June 13, Niklas Norrby successfully defended his licentiate thesis "High pressure and high temperature effects of TiAlN". Dr. Helen Blomqvist, Sandvik, was the opponent.

spacing New Ph.D. in Nanostructured Materials

March 22, Lina Rogström successfully defend her Ph.D. thesis "High temperature behavior of arc evaporated ZrAlN and TiAlN thin films". Opponent was professor David Rafaja, TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

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