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Nanostructured Materials

News 2010

Licentiate degree

3 Nov 2010 Emma Johansson succesfully presented her licentiate thesis "Controlling the Pore Size and Morphology of Mesoporous Silica". Opponent was docent Niklas Hedin, Stockholm University.

New EU-financed graduate school

The European commission has awarded the graduate school for Material Science and Engineering (DocMase) with five year of financial support through scholarships for non-european students. One of the nodes in this graduate school is the Nanostructured Materials group.

Two Licentiate degrees

Axel Knutsson (19 May 2010) and Jianqiang Zhu (4 June 2010) succesfully defended their theses. Opponents were Dr Mats Ahlgren (Sandvik Tooling AB) and Prof. Hans-Olof Andrén (Chalmers).

New research project launched spacing

1 April 2010 marked the launch of a new research project on nanostructured materials to be used for hard metal cutting. The project is funded by the KK-foundation and is a collaboration between Nanostructured Materials, Högskolan Dalarna, SECO Tools, Element Six, SKF, and Uddeholm.

First graduate degree awarded in Nanostructured Materials

On 14. Jan 2010 Lina Rogström succesfully presented her licentiate thesis "Thernal stability and mechanical properties of reactive arc Evaporated ZrAlN and TiSiCN Thin Films.". Opponent was professor Mikael Olsson, HDa. This was the first thesis ever written in the field of Nanostructured Materials at Linköping University.

2010 starts with five new members of the group

Dr. Klara Grönhagen has started a post-doc position within the group to do research on multiscale modelling. Rikard Forsén and Niklas Norrby are new graduate students to work on hard coatings, and Klara Klemmer and Nai-Yuan Ku (Eddy) are new diploma workers.

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