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Summary of Mattias Jansson's activities


My research involves the investigation of the magneto-optical properties of novel nanostructured materials. The current research projects are targeted at so-called dilute nitride nanostructures, which are III-V semiconductor compounds alloyed with a small fraction of nitrogen, giving the material interesting properties.

Recent publications

  • Effects of Nitrogen Incorporation on Structural and Optical Properties of GaNAsP Nanowires
    M. Jansson, S. Chen, R. La, J. E. Stehr, C. W. Tu, W. M. Chen, I. A. Buyanova
    J. Phys. Chem. C, 121, 7047-7055 (2017)
  • Dilute Nitride Nanowire Lasers Based on a GaAs/GaNAs Core/Shell Structure
    S. Chen, M. Jansson, J. E. Stehr, Y. Huang, F. Ishikawa, W. M. Chen, I. A. Buyanova
    Nano Lett., 17, 1775-1781 (2017)
  • Defect formation in GaAs/GaNxAs1-x core/shell nanowires
    J. E. Stehr, S. L. Chen, M. Jansson, F. Ishikawa, W. M. Chen, I. A. Buyanova
    Appl. Phys. Lett., 109, 203103 (2016)
  • Strongly polarized quantum-dot-like light emitters emedded in GaAs/GaNAs core/shell nanowires
    M. Jansson, S. Filippov, J. E. Stehr, J. Palisaitis, P. O. Å. Persson, F. Ishikawa, W. M. Chen, I. A. Buyanova
    Nanoscale, 8, 15939-15947 (2016)
  • Core-shell carrier and exciton transfer in GaAs/GaNAs coaxial nanowires
    S. Chen, M. Jansson, S. Filippov, F. Ishikawa, W. M. Chen, I. A. Buyanova
    J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B, 34, 04J104 (2016)


Main supervisor: Irina Buyanova

Co-supervisor: Weimin Chen

Co-supervisor: Jan Stehr

Current Teaching

  • TFYA39 Halvledarteknik - Lab. assistant
  • TFYY47 Halvledarfysik -  Lab. assistant
  • TFYY57 Nanofysik -  Lab. assistant
Mattias Jansson

PhD-student (Doktorand)


E-mail: mattias.jansson@liu.se

Phone (int.): +46 13 28 57 75
Phone (ext.): +46 (0)70-089 66 54
Office: Room E210 (Physics building)

Mattias Jansson 
Functional Electronic Materials, IFM
Linköping University
Linköping, Sweden



ORCID: 0000-0001-5751-6225


Research Gate: Link

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