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Introduction to Laboratory: Safety and exercises


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Visit to PEA and ACREO facilities

Visit will be held as following:

Date: 29-02-2016

Time: 13.15-18.00

Location: PEA facilities (Nörrkoping)

Laboratory exercises

Exercise 1: In this lab exercise the students will be asked to work on an interactive training software that will allow them to learn the working principle of SPR measurements. Hereafter, the students will be shown a typical detection experiment followed by an example on how SPR response could be amplified.

Exercise 2: In this lab exercise the students will be involved in the preparation of an electrochemical glucosensors based on prussian blue modified screen printed carbon electrodes.

Group work: The students will be asked to read and understand an assigned scientific article. The students will have to prepare a presentation to be presented (as a group) in front of the class.

Laboratory: groups and excercises description

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List of papers for the group work


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Safety in the laboratory

1) Always ware assigned protection equipment

  • Lab coat
  • Safety goggles
  • gloves

2) Do not eat or drink in the laboratory. To do so remove protection equipment, wash your hands and exit the laboratory. On your return ware the protection equipment.

3) Read carefully the risk assessment provided below.

4) Read carefully the safety instruction provided below.

5) Do not hesitate to ask to the lab instructors in the case of doubts.

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