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Laboratory exercises

Three lab exercises are included in the course, these are carried out in groups of three or four students. A list for students to sign up to the lab classes will be brought to the lectures during the first week of the course.

All lab exercises are carried out in the lab Arrhenius (B-huset, plan 2, 2D:571).

Lab schedule 2018

Lab Description

CMC - Critical micelle concentration

2 Adsorption isotherms
3 Cyclic voltammetry

Lab instructions

One lab report per group should be handed to the lab assistant no later than one week after the lab class. Further instructions for the reports are given in the lab manuals below.

Students who conduct the adsorption or cyclic voltammetry labs before these topics are discussed in the lectures, will be permitted to leave the corresponding lab reports no later than one week after the respective lecture.


Literature for Lab 3, Cyclic voltammetry

» Introduction to CV (2.2M bytes)
» Defects (953.3K bytes)
» Tunneling (836.8K bytes)

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