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Examination is in the form of laboratory exercises and a written exam.

Permitted aids at the written exam: Physics Handbook and a calculator (with memory contents deleted).

Dates and times for upcoming exams are found at the Studentportalen.

Previous exams

The written exam has been given in English only in recent years, these are indicated with (En) below.

» Tentamen 17 oktober 2017 (En) (209.7K bytes)
» Tentamen 5 januari 2017 (Sv) (653.7K bytes)
» Tentamen 26 oktober 2016 (Sv) (709.8K bytes)
» Tentamen 7 januari 2016 (En) (243.1K bytes)
» Tentamen 28 oktober 2015 (En) (198.9K bytes)
» Tentamen 30 oktober 2013 (En) (359.5K bytes)
» Tentamen 24 oktober 2012 (En) (127.4K bytes)

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