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Groups for seminars:

Group 1: Tomas Widfeldt, Ludvig Danielsson

Group 2: Aline Carapezzi, Darien Kwek, Chia-Yu Lin

Group 3: Cyrille Grébonval, Christopher Sundkvist, Jovi Yong

Group 4: Marina Baric, Ryan Lee, Jasiunas Rokas


Seminar 1 will be held Tuesday 28 November.

Prepare a presentation roughly 10 minutes long. Remember to connect the theme of the article to things we have discussed during class. I will upload a PDF of your presentation on the course material page (so it will be password protected).

Please send me a PDF of the presentation latest Friday the 24th of November. I will then upload it. Each group will be responsible to ask questions for one of the other groups. In addition, of course anyone can questions.

Groups 1 and 2 will "oppose" each other; groups 3 and 4 will "oppose" each other.

Article for group 1

Article for group 2

Article for group 3

Article for group 4


Seminar 2 will be held Tuesday 12 December.

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