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Laboratory Exercise

1.   Amperometric enzyme electrodes using mediators and printed electrodes

2.  Affinity sensing Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) with the BIAcore and an alternative method

3.  Visit to the microfabrication and printed elctronics pilot-scale facilities at Norrköping

Pdf documents for laboratory exercise

Laboratory menu for electrochemical glucose biosensor (Lab exercise 1)

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Laboratory menu for SPR (Lab exercise 2)

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Guidelines for labortory report

Guideline for electrochemical glucose biosensor lab report

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Guideline for SPR lab report

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Laboratory visit to Norrköping Printed Electronic Arena

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As the third part of the laboratory studies on this course, you will visit our Printed Electronics Arena and Microfabrication Facilities in Norrköping.

The tour will be led by Valerio Beni, who will meet you at PEA at 14.15:


Acreo Swedish ICT

Box 787, 601 17 Norrköping

Besök: Bredgatan 34

Tel: +46 11 36 31 28


There is a convenient campus bus (73) departing from Campus Valla 13.20-14.11. (Timetable attached). The tour will only last an hour or two at most, depending on the level of discussion.

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