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During the three seminars we will discuss original proteomics articles (two per seminar). A list of the articles is found here and pdf files are found under "course material".
» Seminar literature (4.9K bytes)

Contact list for seminars - to whom should you send your seminar questions?

Group 1: Hanna Cederholm, Lisa Henriksson, Joachim Aronsson, Hampus Billing, Ebba Ekstedt. Send your questions to Hanna: hance952@student.liu.se

Group 2: Linn Persson, Joline Ingelsson, Adam Stadig, Diane Demech. Send your questions to Linn: linpe760@student.liu.se

Group 3: Amanda Granqvist, Maria Madan Andersson, Linda Gidlöf, Emelie Olsson, Lovisa Hemmingsson. Send your questions to Amanda: amagr038@student.liu.se

Group 4: Anna Peterson, David Rydberg, Lisa Andersson, Sam Björklund, Sara Ödling. Send your questions to Anna: annpe132@student.liu.se

Group 5: Erik Eriksson, Filip Thorén, Sara Hansson, Johannes Salomonsson. Send your questions to Erik: erier962@student.liu.se

Group 6: Kristian Vucetic, Erik Winter, Henrik Larsson, Isak Johansson-Åkhe. Send your questions to Kristian: krisa748@student.liu.se

Remember to send all questions to Karin Enander as well! More information below.


Students are divided in six groups (4-5 students/group). Each group has a special responsibility for one of the articles, but all students must read all articles and should be prepared to take active part in the seminar discussions.
In each seminar, there will be two presenting groups, presenting one article each. Before the seminar, all groups shall meet to discuss the two articles in question. All group members must take part in the discussion. This meeting shall result in 3-5 relevant questions that you then send by email to the presenting group and to Karin Enander, four working days before the seminar at the latest (see deadlines below). It is very important that you deliver your questions on time! An email list is provided above with addresses to one student in each group in order for you to know where to send the questions.
Deadlines for submitting questions:
Seminar 1 (Sept 18): Monday Sept 14
Seminar 2 (Oct 2): Monday Sept 28
Seminar 3 (Oct 16): Monday Oct 12
The presenting group has to make sure that all other groups have contributed with questions. During the seminar, each presenting group should
  • present the content of the article with suitable illustrations from the article or elsewhere. It is important to cover the background, the methodology, the results and the most important conclusions. In some cases you will probably need to search for more information than available from the article itself about the research area in question, the methods etc. If supporting material is available for the article, that may also be of help. Note: your presentation must include one summarizing slide that illustrates the article as a whole. This slide should be sent to Karin Enander by email the day before the seminar. It should not be a block of text but rather a graphical illustration (e. g. a flow chart or some kind of ”mind map”). Feel free to create this slide the way that is most suitable for your article.
  • express what you think about the quality of the article and its ’readability’ (was it easy or difficult to read? was the content well-organized? etc).
  • present all questions sent to you from the other groups and do your best to answer them.
Some general hints on presentation technique:
  • Giving a presentation is like acting. In this case, you know that everyone in the room knows the story, but you must pretend they do not. This means, among other things, that you must take care to put the topic of your article into context already at the beginning of the presentation. What was the purpose of the study and why is this interesting?
  • When you prepare your presentation, ask yourself if the audience at the back of the seminar room will be able to see the text and the important details of you illustrations.
  • Like in acting, a good presentation is a result of rehearsal. You should put effort into becoming as independent of your manuscript as possible.
The group presentation should be 20-25 minutes. We will then have time for feedback and discussion. The goal is to achieve seminar discussions involving not only the presenting group but all other students as well.

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Last updated: 09/07/15