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The course is based on 8 lectures given by the course responsible teacher as well as a number of guest lecturers. Below, you find the lecture topics as well as an indication of which chapters in the recommended textbook (Twyman) that are relevant to each lecture.

Lecture 1: Transcriptomics and introduction to proteomics (Chapter 1)

Lecture 2: Methods for protein separation and protein quantification (Chapters 2 and 4)

Lecture 3: Protein identification (Chapter 3)

Lecture 4: Interaction proteomics (Chapter 7)

Lecture 5: Protein microarrays (Chapter 9)

Lecture 6: Post-translational modifications + biomarker identification (Chapters 8 and 10)

Lecture 7: Post-translational modifications (Chapter 8)

Lecture 8: Human Proteome Atlas  

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Last updated: 08/31/15