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Course responsible teacher

Karin Enander, Division of molecular physics, IFM

phone: 013-282359

email: karen@ifm.liu.se

office: M310, Physics building

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Karin Enander (Lectures 1, 2, 4, 5, 6)

Andreas Carlsson, SKL (Lecture 3)

Maria Turkina, Division of cell biology, IKE (Lecture 7)

Susana Cristobal, Division of cell biology, IKE (Lecture 8)

Hanna Tegel, School of Biotechnology, KTH (Lecture 9)


Karin Enander

Laboratory exercise

Björn Wallner (Division of bioinformatics, IFM)

Visit at reserach laboratories

Bijar Ghafouri (Division of work and environmental science, IKE)

Peter Söderkvist (Divison of cell biology, IKE)

Responsible for this page: Karin Enander

Last updated: 03/21/14