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Exercises in peptide mass fingerprinting and protein labeling for MS-based quantification are found under "course material" and are to be solved in groups of 2 students.

Please read the instructions below before submisson of your exercise reports!

  • Written reports are to be handed in by October 14 at the latest in order to get feedback from me before the final exam. If you miss that date (and for second submissions), I guarantee response before November 21 if you hand in by November 14. For later submissions, response is not guaranteed until January.
  • Exercises should be send to me by email (one file per group and exercise). Please do not use the pdf format!
  • If you are asked to resubmit with changes, please highlight your changes in some way in the new document.
  • When Anna Andersson and Kalle Karlsson submit their exercises, the files should be named like this:

Exe1_AnderssonAnna_KarlssonKalle_1 (first submission of exercise 1)

Exe2_AnderssonAnna_KarlssonKalle_3 (third submission of exercise 2)

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Last updated: 09/02/14