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There are 3 sets of homework assignments. The solutions/answers should be completed within normally ~ 2 weeks.

# Set 1 has been added (to hand in to Wei-Xin Ni, wxn@ifm.liu.se, before April 17)

# Set 2 has been added (to hand in to Laurent Souqui, lauso68@ifm.liu.se, before May 8) 

# Set 3 has been added (to hand in to Laurent Souqui, lauso68@ifm.liu.se, before May 22) 



Basic requirements for the homework assignment

– Allowing to discuss, but need to complete independently. Copying from others is prohabited

– Try to put down the solution steps as detail as possible

– Don't forget to write the unit at the end of solutions


The homework assignment is prefered to submit electronically by an attached pdf file.

– Only one file in the pdf format, and the file name should be  "tfya38-set#_yourname.pdf" (#=1, 2, or 3)

– Don't attach the discrete page-by-page JPG files

– One can also hand in the paper version during the lectures, or leave it either in my mail-box in the IFM mail room or in my office directly



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Last updated: 05/10/17