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Magnus Odén   Thermodynamics of phase transformation - Constructing and using phase diagrams

Magnus Odén   Microstructure – properties. Stress, strain and dislocation

Magnus Odén   Microstructure – properties, Steel and alloys

Magnus Odén   Microstructure – properties, Nanostructured materials

Niclas Solin   Macromolecules... the historical setting; polymer terminology; geometry; shapes and forms, classes of polymers, polymer chemistry

Niclas Solin   Polymer physics from a statistical point of view. Scaling concept. Polymers in solutions.

Niclas Solin   Polymers in the solid state. Polymer blends.

Anke Suska   Introduction to nanotechnology

Anke Suska   Bioceramics

Anke Suska   Nanotechnology/ Bionanotechnology

Anke Suska   Bionanotechnology/Colloidal Science

Anke Suska   Materials interaction with cells, Nanobiomaterials

Anke Suska   Nanotoxicology

Anke Suska   Ethics in Nanotechnology

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