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Magnus Odén   Thermodynamics of phase transformation - Constructing and using phase diagrams

Magnus Odén   Microstructure – properties. Stress, strain and dislocation

Magnus Odén   Microstructure – properties, Steel and alloys

Magnus Odén   Microstructure – properties, Nanostructured materials

Niclas Solin   Macromolecules... the historical setting; polymer terminology; geometry; shapes and forms, classes of polymers, polymer chemistry

Niclas Solin   Polymer physics from a statistical point of view. Scaling concept. Polymers in solutions.

Niclas Solin   Polymers in the solid state. Polymer blends. 

Niclas Solin   Biopolymers. Polymers and nanotechnology.

Anke Suska   Introduction to nanotechnology

Anke Suska   Bioceramics

Anke Suska   Nanotechnology/ Bionanotechnology

Anke Suska   Bionanotechnology/Colloidal Science

Anke Suska   Materials interaction with cells, Nanobiomaterials

Anke Suska   Nanotoxicology

Anke Suska   Ethics in Nanotechnology

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