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Requirements to fulfill the internship

The student writes a log book (ins Swedish or English) with a time-sheet for different work tasks at the placement. The log book is handed in after the internship to the teacher responsible for the course. Besides following different work tasks the student do a smaller project relevant for the workplace that has been developed in collaboration between the workplace and the university that the student plan, execute and present at the workplace and at the university. The project may be field- or laboratory-based or an investigation based on literature.

The student presents the experiences from the professional placement in a written report of 2-3 pages (in Swedish or English). The report should describe the organisation and main work tasks of the workplace and describe how cases are handled in the organisation, which steering documents that exists and how economy affects the organisation’s operations.

Furthermore, the student describes the experiences from the internship in the report, for example:

  • What are the most important lessons that you have learned from the internship?
  • What knowledge and skills that you have acquired during your university courses were most useful at the internship?
  • What knowledge and/or skills did you miss the most?
  • What personal traits were assets for you in the internship and which traits would you like to improve?

In what way have you developed in your role as a professional biologist?

The student also presents the experiences from the professional placement for other course students at a seminar (in English if there are non-Swedish students, otherwise Swedish). The 20 min presentation should be in form of a PPT.

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