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The number of tourists coming to Mondulkiri is likely to increase. People who comes to Sen Monorom are mainly interested in a nature experience and are concerned about animal welfare. Therefore, people are keen on seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. As the captive elephant tourism will likely decrease, as they will eventually die out, it is important to find new strategies on what kind of tourism that can satisfy the tourists instead. As all of the respondents were willing to pay an entrance fee, it would be a suitable if there would be an entrance fee for protected areas, where only certified tour guides are allowed to guide.

Many of the tourists would like the ecotourism in Mondulkiri to be more transparent and with less competition, with the term “ecotourism” clarified. Therefore it would be reasonable have a system where guides can be certified to operate within the protected areas in Mondulkiri, through the Tourism and environmental agency. The tourists mentioned that combined tours, information and conservation would make them more willing to pay for an activity. If this can be realised, tourism would seem to be a good way of funding actions required for a tiger re-introduction and a maintenance of vital population in Eastern Plains Landscape. But the word “tiger re-introduction” has to be carefully communicated and clarified, in order to avoid misunderstandings. The local support is crucial, and the re-introduction requires the local people to understand the management plans. 

Responsible for this page: Agneta Johansson
Last updated: 05/04/17