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I want to acknowledge my thesis supervisor Lars Westerberg at IFM, Linköpings University, for the help and support during this work, giving me a valuable support and feedback. Lars allowed this paper to be my own work, but pointed me in the right the direction whenever he thought I needed it. I also want to thank my examiner; Uno Wennergren, for giving his important feedback in this process.

I send my gratitude to the WWF-team in Cambodia; Mark Dubois whom supported me as a local supervisor and helped me during my field visit in Cambodia as well as giving me valuable feedback during the whole process. My thanks goes to Rohit Singh and Rachel Crouthers, whom both helped me during my stay in Cambodia and gave me valuable help during my field work.

My thanks goes to the tiger expert and friend; Jimmy Borah, for always giving me valuable support and sharing his great knowledge with me.

I want to thank the field team in WWF-Cambodia, located in Sen Monomrom; Phath Moul, Mong Rittychak, Theb Chey and Sophoeun Khorn, regarding and including me in their team as well helping me with practical support.

My regards goes also to Julian Matthews from TOFT tigers, who shared his ideas and gave valuable comments and feedback on the project, and especially pointing me in the right direction while designing my survey. I also want to acknowledge Jessica Kahler, for giving me important feedback and sharing her ideas on the survey designing. Without their participation and input during the survey design, the survey could not have been successfully conducted.

I want to send my warmest gratitude towards the WWF-Sweden team; Louise Carlsson, Vicki Lee Wallgren and Ola Jennersten for initiating the collaboration between the parts and realize the plans.

I also would like to thank all the people whom participated in my survey study and took their time to help me collect this valuable data. This accomplishment would not have been possible without them. Thank you.

Lastly, I want to thank my family and friends for their support throughout the time of my work. Katarina Hillbom, Fredrik Le Moine, Isabella Le Moine, Pierre Le Moine and Mark Le Moine, for always being there for me, no matter the distance. A special thanks to Sven Nilsson Björk, for giving me inspiration and sincerely support in the field of conservation.

Rebecka Le Moine

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Last updated: 05/04/17