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And welcome to my page!

My name is Nina Höttges and on the following pages you can learn more about my Master's thesis

'How does feeding regime influence behaviour and activity in African lions (Panthera leo)?'.


To collect the data I spent the summer 2016 in various zoos in Denmark, Sweden and Germany to observe lions.


Special thanks goes to Borås Djurpark, Copenhagen Zoologisk Have, Givskud Zootopia and Kolmården Djurpark for all their help and support! I also want to thank Zoo Neuwied for allowing me to conduct a pre-pilotstudy there.




I accomplished my B.Sc. in Biology with focus on biodiversity & evolution at the Düsseldorf University in 2015.


My passion for animal welfare, conservation breeding and environmental education sparked during my 6 years working at the Zoo Duisburg. I chose to apply to the Master's program of "Applied ethology" in Linköping as it offered part-time education at Kolmården Djurpark.


The time inbetween my studies I spent working as a volunteer at the waterbird reserve 'Wallnau' in Germany. During the writing part of my thesis I volunteered at the zoological department at the Zoo Neuwied


After my studies, I want to continue working in the zoological world not only to contribute to conservation efforts, but also to further enhance exotic animal husbandry.

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