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About me

My name is Alba and I am a graduate student in Biology by the University of Valencia (Spain). During the first three years of my Bachelor I studied in my home city, but the last year I went to Oslo (Norway) as an Erasmus student. At the University of Oslo I took courses such as "Primate Behavior and Ecology", "Marine Mammals" and "Evolution and Language". During this year abroad I decided that I wanted to dedicate myself to the study of animal behavior. With this idea in mind, I started looking for Master programs and I came across the Applied Ethology and Animal Biology program at Linköping University (Sweden). This program was particularly suited for me because it offered practical education as well as theory in the areas I was interested in (primates and behavior). During the first year of this program, most of the activities were lectures at the university and small projects at Kolmården Zoo. This proved to be a very enriching year for me as I worked with many different species (dogs, gorillas, tigers, meerkats, dolphins, marmosets...). The second year of the program has been entirely dedicated to the development of the master thesis. In my case, I went to Kristiansand, a city in the south of Norway, to work with captive chimpanzees. This project was the result of my colaboration with a former professor I had during my stay in Oslo, Pr. R. Adriana Hernandez-Aguilar, and the professor of the Primatology course at Linköping University, Matthias Laska.


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