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My study started in July 4, 2015, in the province of Östergötland and I choosed 11 sites for my study. Species monitoring and sampling habitat factors were recorded in all 11 sites. In addition I tested movement pattern of butterflies in resopnse to change in habitat structure in 2 sites in Östergötland.



The study sites in the province of Östergötland, southern Sweden (study sites are shown in red colour). © "Lantmäteriet [License No. I2014/00578]"



Butterflies monitoring

In order to record the occurrence of butterflies I used transect walk method. During transect walk I  set a circular plot in each butterflies' spot to record their occurrence and measure habitat factors ( host plant, vegetation height, tree and bush canopy cover and fern abundance). Butterflies' spot were recoreded by GPS and habitat factors measured by sward stick and a transparent sheet divided into square decimetre.


Measuring vegetation height with sward stick



Butterflies' movement behaviour 

In this part of experiment, I tested flight speed and flight patterns of 28 butterflies in two sites in Östergötland. Individuals were captured with a butterfly net from a deciduous woodland with tall vegetation height and close canopy and translocated to an open semi natural grassland with oak and hazels. Captured butterflies were kept in a plastic jars which contained host plant and wet wipe and translocated by a cool box to the open release site. Before release, every individual was transfered to a transparent box and kept there for 2 minutes and relased afterward. Flight speed and flight pattern were recorded for each individuals by using stop watch and flags.


Plastic jar into the coolbox for keeping and translocating butterflies



Release box and string for opening the lid



Flags for determining butterflies' trajectory

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