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Veronika Karczmarz

Author of: Evaluation of live fish as an echolocation enrichment for the bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus).

Hello and welcome to my web page!

My name is Veronika Karczmarz, and I have been studying my masters in Applied Ethology and Animal Biology at Linköping University for these past two years. 

Previous to that I studied a bachelor in Biology at Linköping University. 

During the past year I have worked with my master thesis, which is called "Evaluation of live fish as an echolocation enrichment for the bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)" at Kolmården Wildlife Park. The main purpose of this thesis was to try to improving the welfare of the bottlenose dolphin kept in human care by providing them with echolocation enrichments. Two enrichments (live fish and air filled floats) were compared with a control to evaluate if any of them would stimulate the use of echolocation among the dolphins at Kolmården Wildlife Park. In previous years air filled floats have often been used for echolocation enrichments at Kolmården Wildlife Park, however we wanted to investigate if live fish would stimulate a higher use of sonar among the dolphins and thereby be a better echolocation enrichment for them.

If you are interested to learn more  about my thesis a short description of the thesis and the results can be found on this web page with a more detailed version in the downloadable report.

If you have any questions, my contact information can be found on the contact page!





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