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This study was part of the Master’s programme in Applied Ethology and Animal Biology, at the University of Linköping. I would like to thank my supervisors, Mats Amundin (LiU) and Rodrigo Serra (CNRLI) for all the input and for revising this thesis, particularly Rodrigo for the help during the conduction of this study. I am extremely thankful to IRSEA and CEVA, for providing the pheromone’s analogues that enabled this study. A special thank you to Alessandro Cozzi, Patrick Pageat and Annika Kulle for all the support and precious know-how. Another special thank you to Pedro Leote for the invaluable help with the statistics and peer-review. I would also like to thank the staff and volunteers at CNRLI, without whom this study would not have been possible. Thank you all for the friendship and support, especially Lara Baptista and Lara Ferreira. Last, and definitely not least, I would like to thank my mother, my boyfriend and my dearest friends for all the patience, love and support. Thank you all for being the sunshine on my grey skies!

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Last updated: 06/02/16