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The total number of insects counted in this study was 3477, divided among six taxas (Apoidea, Bombus, Cetoniinae, Lepturinae, Syrphidae and Trichius). Hand-netting only occurred during the third time period and caught 1390 individuals compared to 651 for pan-traps at the same time period.

In the small scale, most of the significant correlations between colours of flowers and colours of pan-traps were best explained by a linear model, most negative linear models, but also positive linear models. In the large scale however are no positive linear models significant and it is equal number of negative linear models and quadratic models (see figures below).

A correlation between number of caught Apoidea in pan-traps and hand-netting were recorded, but not for the other taxonomic groups.

For hand-netting there was a positive correlation for Apoidea and flower abundance of blue flowers. A positive correlation were also seen for Lepturinae and cover of yellow flowers, and a negative correlation for increasing flower abundance of blue.

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