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Over the whole clear-cut, there were 100 photos taken in transects and around each of the four sets of pan-traps an additional 25 pictures were taken. All pictures were photographed over a one-meter square lying on the ground.

The places of survey in this study are 12 clear-cuts. On each clear-cut are four sets of pan-traps placed (one set consist of one blue, one yellow and one white pan). Each clear-cut are photographed to survey the number and colours of the flowers. A one meter square was placed on the ground and photographed from above. Around each pan-trap was 25 such 1 m2 plots photographed (small scale) and additional 100 pictures (plus some extra) were taken distributed over the whole clear-cut (large scale) while walking in transects (Figure 3). Photographing and catches with pan-traps occured three times during the summer, and hand-netting in transects one time.

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