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  • The lemurs preferred eight of the nine substance that were tested.
  • One substance, saccharin, was rejected at one concentration, and not preferred at any other concentrations

Two tables are presented below, with the taste preference thresholds of the black-and white ruffed lemurs. For comparison, the taste preference thresholds of other primate species are presented as well.

Table 1. Taste preference thresholds (in mM) of primate species for galactose, polycose, glycine, L-proline and L-alanine. Concentrations followed by an asterisk indicate that the species preferred the substance at that given concentration, however, there is no data on the taste preference threshold for that species and substance. Two asterisks after a concentration indicate the detection threshold. References can be found in the thesis.
Table 2. The taste preference threshold (in mM) of humans and black-and-white ruffed lemurs for four substances: sorbitol, stevioside, rebaudioside A and saccharin. A concentration with two asterisks indicates a detection threshold, and three asterisks indicate a taste rejection threshold (in mM). References can be found in the thesis.

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