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  • When exposed to tastes regarded as pleasant, cats were observed to:
    • have their eyes less than half open and sniff at spouts containing L-proline for longer durations
    • exhibit tongue protrusions more frequently.
  • When exposed to QHCl or the L-proline and QHCl mixtures, cats exhibited tongue protrusion gapes more frequently.
  • Cats licked less frequently at spouts containing a mixture of QHCl and L-proline compared with spouts containing only L-proline. This indicates that QHCl reduced the preference for L-proline.
  • The average number of licks did not differ between the 50 µM QHCl and 500 mM L-proline mixture and the 50 mM L-proline control. However, this was due to fewer licks to the L-proline control and thus there was likely not a masking effect.

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Last updated: 05/18/15