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101 privately owned Labrador retrievers performed two experiments; a problem solving task and a pointing test, in order to investigate dog-human communication.

The problem solving task was performed during three minutes, during which the dogs had access to a test setup with three compartments with treats inside.  The dog could open two of the compartments by using its paws or nose, while the third one was fixed and hence unsolvable for the dog. Behaviours displayed by the dog during the experiment were recorded. Examples of recorded behaviours were body posture, positioning, contact-seeking behaviours and the intensity of the dog.

The pointing test was carried out using two opaque buckets, with one of them containing a treat. The bucket with the treat was pointed at, and the dog was then allowed to pick one of the two buckets. In total 20 pointing repetitions, divided into two sessions, were carried out. The frequency of correct and wrong choices was recorded, as well as the latency from releasing the dog until reaching the chosen bucket. 

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Last updated: 06/19/15