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I would like to thank Felicia Alriksson for all the fieldwork and lab assistance. A great thanks to Lars Westberg, David Bastviken and Per Milberg for all the help with the analyses and the writing process. Thanks to Sivakriuthika Natchimuthu, Henrik Reyier and Ingrid Sundgren for all the practical help with the measurements and measuring equipment. Thanks to David Allbrand for all the help with practical problems in the field. Thank you Lina Törnqvist for reviewing my thesis. Thanks to Göteborgs University for letting me do my project at your research station. Thank you Per Weslien (Göteborgs University) and Eva Podafrajsek (Uppsala University) for the weather data and also to Aila Schachinger (Göteborgs University) and Hannah Chmiel (Uppsala University) for analyzing my water chemistry samples. And last but not least thank you “Stiftelsen Oscar och Lilli Lamms minne”
for financial support.

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Last updated: 05/26/15