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In my studies I retreived a lot of data to be analysed. All of my statistical testing was done in R studio and many of the models used were variant of linear models. In this results part I have, however, disgarded most of how I performed my analysis and am simply telling you of the results. If you are more interested in how I performed my tests and the exact numbers from the tests you are welcome to contact me with the inlformation you can find in my first page or to read my complete thesis which will be published under "Final words".

In this results part I once more devide my two different studies so that you can click your way into what you want to read about. Under "Environmental influences" I explain the results retreived from the experiment where I investigate how stress and environmental enrichment affects cognitive judgment bias and under "Personality influences" I write more about how I found personality to link to cognitive judgment bias. 

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Last updated: 05/05/15