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In order to investigate cognitive judgment bias in chicks me and my colleagues first train them to associate one colour cue with a reward, and the opposite colour cue with the lack of a reward. When we are sure that the chicks have learned the previously mentioned association they are exposed to intermediate, and thus ambiguous, cues one by one. The behaviours towards the cues are then investigated by measuring latencies to reach them. 

To learn more about the details in how I trained and tested the chicks in my study choose what you want to read about in the subheadings to the left. Under "Associative learning" I describe how shicks were trained to associate one cue with a reward and one with the lack of a reward. In "Cognitive judgment bias test" I describe the actual test I used to investigate the chicks' state of mind. Finally, under "Environmental treatments" I describe how I investigated the effects of environment and under "Personality testing" I describe how I tested the influences of personality on cognitive judgment bias.

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Last updated: 05/05/15