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Final words

In this study I first show that environmental enrichment can buffer the negative influences unpredictable stressors can have on the cognitive judgment bias in the laying fowl Bovans Robust chick. In turn this supports that environmental enrichment can buffer negative moods and thereby poor welfare in these animals. 

In the second test I show that personality has a limited influence over individual cognitive judgment bias in red junglefowl chicks. This influence consists of individuals scoring higher in a nervousness PC also portraying more pessimistic interpretations of stimuli far from a rewarded cue. With this influence being small and individual differences have been seen to exist in cognitive judgment bias in previous studies, there is a question on where these differences originate from.

If you want to read more into the details of my study, you are more than welcome to do so. As soon as my thesis report is done I will publish it here for you to read, if you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact me at emelie.karin.jansson@gmail.com

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