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Space survey and behavioural questionnaire

A space survey following the format of EAZA supplemented by a questionnaire on husbandry data was developed in collaboration with the studbook keeper and species coordinator, Ewa Wikberg, Nordens Ark, Sweden, and distributed to all 33 holding institutions in March 2014.

Studbook analysis

A studbook analysis was done by using the European Studbook (ESB) for the species in Poplink. All sires that had succeeded to reproduce from 1973-2013 were chosen, and the facts about their inbreeding coefficient, litter size etc., were compiled in an Excel-document to investigate the possible correlation between litter size and inbreeding coefficient.

Behavioural observations

Four pairs (4.4) at 4 different holding institutions within the ESB were chosen for behavioural observations of exhibit use, activity budget and stereotypic behaviour. The exhibits were two open air, >500m 2 exhibits and two roofed, <50m 2 exhibits. 

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