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Tragosoma depsarium was found at 11 out of the 100 sites visited in Östergötland County. A comparison with previously found indications and observations of the beetle reveals that most of the new catches were made very close to the older ones. In the Östergötland County archipelago, no individuals or fresh signs of T. depsarium were found despite extensive search and several older reported emergence holes from 2002.

Contributions by county to a) number of sites visited b) number of T. depsarium individuals found in the traps and c) number of sites with occurrences.
Catch-dates of T. depsarium during July 2014. To the left; number of beetles from 50 sites based on the reduced data set in Kalmar, comparable with the Östergötland data set. To the right; number of beetles from 100 sites in Östergötland County between July 8th and 31st.

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