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Cortisol concentration is not a good physiological indicator of the test outcome. Behaviours displayed seem to be a better indicator. Warning behaviours and Search behaviours are wanted behaviours in a military working dog while Neutral behaviours are not. Fear behaviours are not wanted either but since no difference could be seen between approved and non-approved dogs it cannot be concluded that Fear is selected against in the standardized behavioural test 


Thank you to my supervisors Per Jensen and Pernilla Foyer, PhD, at Linköping University for the help and support during this whole process. I also thank Erik Wilsson, Pierre Whalström, Lisa Rutström and Marina Nilsson at the Swedish Armed Forces Dog Instruction Centre for being very accommodating and helpful. I would also like to thank the responsive laboratory technician at Linköping Health University for running the analysis of my saliva samples and Axel Pyk for providing a script structuring and summarizing my raw data.

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Last updated: 05/22/14