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Material and methods

Colour measurements

  • The intensity of colouration in the feathers were measured relative to the true colour chart using Photoshop.
  • By using this method each feather is assigned a number between 0-1 which correspond to a certain colour intensity.
  • Dark coloured feathers get a low score and white feathers get a score approaching 1. This means that the colour score is inverted, the reason for this is that the white colour is actually a mix of all colours.
  • Colour score for three typical feathers, ranging from light to dark colour.  

Study populations

Illustration of the two different crosses used in the project.

Two different study populations which were both based on Red Junglefowl and White Leghorn crosses were used troughout the project:

  • One included 14 adult individuals from the tenth generation of an Advanced Intercross Line (AIL) which originates from an L13-White Leghorn x Thai Red junglefowl.
  • The second popoulation consisted of 21 juvenile individuals from an F1(L13-WLxRJF) x RJF parental backcross. 

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