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  • The main finding was a gene that regulates a quantitative colour trait.
  • Further we found that gene expression was negatively correlated with the trait in the adult F10-AIL individuals. However in the juvenile individuals from the RJF-Backcross we found a positive correlation between gene expression and the trait. This might be caused by either differences in gentic architecture between the two populations, it might also be caused by the age differences between the two populations. In order to determine the cause, the F11 generation of the AIL has been sampled at the juvenile and adult stage. This will allow us to compare the expressxion levels for ech individual and determine if the expression of the genes is changing over time.
  • The same gene that we have identified has also been associated with a colour trait in another very distantly related species, which suggests that the function of this gene is indeed very old.

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Last updated: 05/27/14