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Testing causal genes for quantitative variation in colouration in chicken (Gallus gallus)

Working with RNA extractions

The aim of my one-year Masters project has been to identify the gene(s) responsible for quantitative feather colouration in chickens. One gene was found to correlate very well with colouration of the feathers, some more work is required but the ambition is to turn this work into a publication. Therefore some of the details concerning this project will unfortunately have to remain undisclosed. 

A brief summary of the project:

·       Relative expression of four candidate genes which had been identified in an earlier QTL-study was measured with q-PCR, and correlated with the intensity of colouration in feathers.

·        The main finding was that the gene X was strongly correlated with the intensity of colouration.

Further details about the methods as well as more detailed results from the project can be found under the menus to the left.

(In the future I hope to be able to provide the link to an actual publication here)

Contact: Jesper.Fogelholm@bredband.net

Correlation between relative gene expression and colour intensity.

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