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Impact of historical land use and time since clear-cutting on butterfly diversity in production forestry clear-cuts

About to do some field work.

Hello and welcome to the webpage containing information about my Master thesis! 

My name is Torbjörn Blixt and I've studied at Linköping university for a total of five years. I took my Bachelor's degree in June 2012 where I mainly focused on animal behaviour and physiology. The ensuing autumn I started the Master's programme in Applied Ethology and Animal Biology. During the spring of 2013 I took a course entitled Conservation biology which I found to be extremely interesting and relevant in today's society. This led me to shift the focus of my studies towards ecology rather than pure ethology. By far the best decision I've made. 

I have now tailored my degree towards the behavioural ecology field, and with my thesis I feel that this process has been fulfilled. I hope you enjoy my work and don't be afraid to contact me if you have any questions! 


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Last updated: 05/28/14